Vehicle Roof Racks

Roof Racks, baskets and boxes

Today, a variety of car carrying accessories exist for the motorist who requires extra space for carrying luggage, ladders or sports equipment. Manufacturers make a number of vehicles with racks already in place. Other vehicles are made with raised side rails and even tracks across the vehicle roof, for the motorist to fit cross Roof Bars upon. When buying a vehicle like this, the motorist should check with the manufacturer if the roof is suitable only for custom-made accessories. Roof racks can also be available with linear rail slides for the storage of ladders and tubes. These sliding rail systems are ideal for loading heavy or valuable tools, parts or equipment.

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Basic carrying accessories

The soft roof rack is a carrying accessory that is inexpensive to buy, is easy for the motorist to fit and remove again. Consisting of securing ropes and two heavy-duty straps that fit across the car roof, this equipment is suitable for the vehicle that has no "hard" rack in place. It secures items like small pieces of furniture and sporting equipment. When he is not using it, the driver simply takes it off and stores it in the car boot.

Fitting a roof accessory 

The first component of a basic roof rack consists of a fit kit, which includes pads that adhere to the car roof and clips that fasten onto its outer edges. The next component is a foot pack, consisting of "feet" that connect to the fit kit. The aluminium cross or load bars, locking into place, connect with these feet and form the functioning part of the rack. Many custom-fitted roof racks are not designed to carry heavy loads. In this case, the motorist can fit the rack with heavy-duty cross bars. With the vital equipment in place, the motorist is ready to choose the right attachment accessories.

Racks for vans

Van drivers often run businesses that require the use of heavy equipment, like ladders. The van owner can fit cross bars the full length of the van roof or purchase basket-style racks that fit the roof. Since a rack like this must fit the roof exactly, the van owner should purchase one from the van manufacturer. Ladder clamps are available for van racks like these, while rear rollers help with loading and unloading heavy items from cross bars.

The use of Roof Boxes

The roof box is made to fit directly onto the rack. These boxes have an aerodynamic shape, which doesn't hamper driving, and they look almost like small boats. These boxes are ideal for carrying sports equipment, like golf clubs. When not in use, the box folds into a neat pack under a nylon cover that sits on top of the rack.

Specialist carrying equipment

For carrying luggage, there are basket-style racks made of steel and aluminium, that attach to the cross bars. Strong nylon straps fasten large items like kayaks and small boats to the racks. Accessories exist for attaching mountain bikes onto racks, either upright or sideways. When in use, these accessories must be used with the locks provided by the manufacturer. Overall, there are many more kinds of clamp, cradle and rack fitting available to customise roof carrying equipment.